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what my art is about

About my ART 

My work has centered itself around the human soul, meaning anything involving the inner makings of humankind, what makes us tick, what makes us sad, what we wrestle with..alot of my most recent work has been dealing with childhood neglect, abuse, and mental abuse especially for women. As I had to separate from my children’s other parent and watch how their lives have changed and what that means and feels to them. We also had to live in a women’s shelter which made my artwork change toward a more inner self and who we really are and the closeness with my own family I created. 

My previous work also working with Children, Parents, People and who they are has been a mixture of Performance work through a sculpture I crafted called a Duality Bag in which people in parks and public places had a chance to enter the Bag themselves or watch me as the movements they saw are who I am really am, since they can not see my face or each others.  My sculptures and Paintings some influenced by Waldorf Theories are a bond of human emotions and stories, always looking for the truth in color and figures. 

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