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What's For Dinner?

Along with being a great artist and mom, I am a vegan and so is my lover and my two older children are vegetarians and my youngest can not eat eggs or milk.

So I love to cook and be creative with this bunch my edited palette.

I will try to write a recipe a month but if you are in need of what can you make that is vegan or vegetarian with what's in your fridge I am the person to call.

If you send 5.oo to my paypal account I will send you a recipe based on what you have.

Today I made

what my lover calls Tofu Scramble

This is breakfast but makes a great lunch based on the idea of scrambled eggs

Fiirst I cut up one whole organic potato keep the skin on you need the fiber

Clean it good

Cut it in 1cm cubes

put a dash of water and cover and let steam

Next cut up red onion or whatever shallots, white onion etc small about a 1/4 of oinion

uncover potatoes and lay a layer on top recover

Cut up an organic pear and cucumber dice small to give a summer cool flavor lay this layer on the onion recover

Next take a half a tofu packet unless feeding more then two then a whole packet on the cutting board cut the tofu long ways three times then take a fork and smash up the tofu

cover with cinnamon empty this from cutting board onto the layers. Let it all steam another five minutes.

uncover and start stirring until the potatoes are brown.

A summer vegan hash enjoy next free recipe is next month.

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